Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of july Part 2 - Redwood City

After our adventures in alameda we headed out to my sister Anne's house for a BBQ. My brother ed and family came up from LA to celebrate with us. We had such a great time together!!

The kids were excited about their waterslide.. Here are some pics of the little ones!!

Here's kathy and bill's oldest gracie (above) she LOVED it!!

Here's gracie and maeve (anne's middle girl) best friends forever!

And then there was SUPER WEDGIE! that uncle dan invented check out the shots below dan literally threw the kids down the slide and they came back again and again.. shouting SUPER WEDGIE!!

There was a little calamity when anya decided to stand in the bottom of the slide (below) She just enjoyed her little bathrobe there and thought I'll just stand here for a while.. hee hee

Well.. nora jane and gracie below would have none of it.. they stood at the front saying anya move! move anya!!

Here's my godson Kevin up from LA man is he growing fast!!

Here's anne and me! sister love!

My dad. mr handsome!

My super hot hubby and my big brother Ed.. brothers from other mothers!

Here's Joanna and Annie Wen!

Thanks to scott and his dad manning the bbq all day!! Thank you thank you guys it was fabulous!!

Here are two co workers of scott and me and annie wen. Yes annie wen scott and I now work together !! and below is theen theen and kean hock!

Did I mention anne WON her race in redwood city on 4th of July morning ? yes she won the running stroller division for females.. here she is below with her plaque! seriously she won the race.. who is this woman??? ;-)

That's it for now hope everyone is well!!


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