Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BBQ and rock band !

Memorial Day weekend Dan and I had the family and friends over for some bbqing and some rock band! We had such a good time! Thanks to everyone that came over we had such a good time with you all!! xoxo

Here is dan the man manning the bbq. Dan's double double cheese and onion burgers were a HUGE success! I love my man!

Here is a picture of teaghan playing the wii with her daddy.. She became quite the pro with the Wii ski.. Here they both are leaning to the left.. ;-)

Then it was time for auntie nora reading hour.. Here I am with maeve, gracie, nora jane, teaghan and anya.. have i mentioned how much I LOVE my nieces ?

Then it was drumstick time for the kids.. thanks be to god that we had enough drumsticks for all the children present.. Otherwise a serious melt down would have been on the way...

No melt downs here.. just a lot of giggling and ice cream..

Here's a cute pic of scott and his girls +1 (gracie)..

Here's my sister Anne, me and 2 of her children.. anya and maeve.. teaghan was still wii-ing.. is that a word ?

Oh yeah and now a little bit of rock band.. I rocked the mic while anne took the drums and dan was slappin' the base.. ;-) ( a little i love you man reference going there..)

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