Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott !!!!

My brother-in-law scott (married to my sister anne) celebrated his 38th birthday last weekend. We celebrated by listening to his college band Carnage play in his backyard for a couple of hours. They are a pretty decent band even though they only get together once a year to play. This was their 19th anniversary. Carnage is appropriately named by the way. It means heap of dead bodies. ;-)Here's scott getting ready to rock the house !

For the first time ever Carnage had an opening band. I know what you're thinking Carnage must be really good to have an opening band. well.. you'd be thinking wrong if you were to think that..

Looking through my pictures you could tell if the picture was taken while carnage was playing or while they weren't playing. How can you tell? Well it depends whether the person had a pained expression on their face or not.

Below is my super fabulous husband dan. This picture was taken WHILE carnage was playing note the pained expression.

Below my two fabulous, gorgeous sisters. Seriously aren't they the most beautiful things ever ? Anyway.. picture taken while carnage was NOT playing.

Below is nora jane. This picture was taken strangely enough while carnage WAS playing. There is a slight flaw in my theorem. Apparently, small children under the age of 5 can't get enough carnage.

This girl below was the biggest carnage fan ever. She couldn't get enough of the music.. spinning and dancing. you would have thought the grateful dead was playing...

Anne does her version of the St. Pauli Girl.

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Anonymous said...

baby DOES got back!!! gimme some of 'dat!