Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anyas Baptism!

About a month back we attended anya's baptism. Anya is my sister anne and brother-in-law scott's third daughter. She can now go off and sin! ;-) We had such a blast ! My brother ed and sister-in-law karen drove up from la with their 2 children keira and kevin ! and of course kathy and bill were there with grace and nora jane! We partied down. Here are some pics of everyone.

Below is beautiful keira! my niece from LA. doesn't get much cuter than this !!

Below we have keira's brother and his uncle dan (my wonderful husband!) We had to take a picture of them because they were dressed like they were going to a sadie hawkins dance. They claim it was unintentional but, i still think they called each other to make sure they looked alike! ;-)

Kevin's favorite game that day was upside kevin !! Uncle Dan obliged him all day. Dan would grab him throw upside down and shake him to get all the change out of his pocket. It was hilarious! Cutie Keira is to the right ! we love them so much !!

Here is dan me and kevin. Kevin is my god son ! I guess he's dan's god son now to ? is that how that works ? if you get married does your husband become god parent to your god children ? I'll have to figure that out!

Here's nora jane.. always on the move !!

Here are the proud god parents (brother ed and karen) and the happy parents anne and scott. And of course the baby of the moment.. ANYA!!!

Here are one set of anya's grandparents. My parents!! So proud.

Here are the second set of proud grandparents jack and joanie lynch. Scott's parents!

And our uncle paul and aunt mary. They have never missed an event for us lavelles. We love them very much !

here's little maeve 'what's going on over there?'

And here's my brother colum taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. We so silly! ;-) he's getting married in about 2 months. We can't wait to celebrate with him and stephanie their very special day !

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Cheela said...

You have a whole bunch of beautiful nieces and a very handsome little nephew! I love seeing pictures of all of you, I miss you and your family so much!