Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All moved in !!

Dan and I had a bbq a while back to celebrate settling into our home in burlingame. We had my family and dan's family over. It was SOOOOO much fun. Here are some pics.

Here's a picture of my dad and dan's mom. Aren't they so cute? I love our end table in the background. It didn't have a glass on it cuz dan's dog.. well.. our dog ;-) max broke it. But, we did order a new top and it's in! yay! Also, roberta brought the most amazing pies to our bbq. They were amazing looking. Wowser! Dan had lemon meringue pie for days after that. It was yummy in his tummy.

Below is my sister-in-law Merryn. She's married to Dan's brother David. Not to be confused with my 5 other sister-in-laws that are married to my 5 brothers. ha! Well the 5th sister in law will be inducted this september in chicago. And then that's a wrap guys. 8 out of 8 will be hitched. Anyways, I call merryn the baby whisperer. Every time we get together with my sisters and nieces. They seem to find a way onto her lap to hang out with her. Here she is with my sister kathy's daughter grace on the left and and my sister anne's daughter maeve on the right. Merryn and David have the most adorable son Robert and I can't believe i don't have any pics of him yet to post! Especially since we just had his 2 year old birthday party. Bad auntie nora!

And here is my god daughter and niece teaghan. She couldn't be bothered with any of us that day. I think she was watching Full House on her DVD player.

I tried to get a picture of dan and his family and it didn't come out to well. I'm determined though the next time we are all together we're having a kiewlich photo shoot!

and here's Greg showing off his new tatoo! he's so gangsta y'all. and there's bill my brother-in-law who's married to kathy! he's nora jane and grace's daddy.. well we think.. just kidding!! haha!

And of course can't forget our lovely annie wen! who is the nicest bestest person you will every meet !! she's engaged to gangsta tatoo greg above yo !

And i think that's a wrap!

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Cheela said...

What FUN!!! Nora, you look SO awesome and SOOO happy! It makes me happy to see you happy, my friend :) Thanks so much for sharing your great pictures!