Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now I've.... had... the time of my life....

Last night I forced dan to watch the end of dirty dancing! I owe him big time. ;-) I told him how jealous i was in high school because the girls that had boyfriends saw the movie and then totally dirty danced with their boyfriends. So dan decided we needed to do the lift last night! Oh my gosh.. first off how great is that I have a husband who can pick me up over his head like that ? Dan did a great job.. I on the other hand didn't do so good. I couldn't extend out like I was flying. I just hung over dan as a limp body. We almost got it though until my rib popped! We plan to perfect it to perform at parties though. So look out.

p.s. dan also revealed he had the dirty dancing sound track when he was little.. she's like the wind... just a fool.. just a fool to believe.. she's like the wind..

p.p.s I totally had the soundtrack too!!! it was 2 cassettes.. i listened to them until they broke.. sylvia.. yes mickey? how do you call your loverboy.. come here loverboy.. and if he doesn't answer ? oh lover boy.. and if he STILL doesn't answer ? i say baby.... ooooh ooh oooh ohhh baby.. sweeeeet baby.. you're the one! ;-)

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Kathy said...

silly! everyone knows you gotta practice this in water first!