Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Major D !

How come dan looks so happy ? It's because he's now a major in Halo 3. Congratulate him next time you see him. Don't know what halo 3 is ? have you been living under a rock ? just kidding. I didn't know either. It's a combat video game that grossed like 300 million dollars in it's first week out. They just run around shooting each other and you can wear a headset where you can talk to each other to strategize against your enemy. But, most of the time all i hear is everyone calling everyone else a douche bag. And the sounds of people dying.. 'uuuuhhhhh' it makes this crazy 'uhhhhhhh' sound when you die. And although dan is a major i hear him dying a lot (sorry honey). Oh and the best part you can actually replay your game back after you are done with it. Like on espn or something. Like dick vitale is going to start commenting on your defensive game. See right here (and he'll totally draw circles and x's and o's like in football) this is where the game took a critical turn for dan. he reached for his grenade and threw it. Had he picked up his combat rifle instead he would have been able to maintain his forward momentum. This is a serious video game folks!

The last video game I played was super mario brothers. dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh... dooh! I loved that game. it was so brain dead. you walk forward and you hit that box of gold coins until it stops and then you go to the next box. I could do it for hours. And in this picture below. You totally hop on that duck and then it slides forward and you run after it and it knocks everything away and you get even more coins. I never made it to negative land though.

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Cheela said...

I was a "Centipede" gal, myself. LONG LIVE "PONG"! I thought my cousin was the absolute sh*t back in the 70's when she got that game for Christmas. I was insanely jealous. Luckily she let me play, once in awhile.