Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cyclone or Hurricane ?


Okay seriously did anybody besides my husband know that a cyclone and a hurricane are the exact same thing ? except they spin in opposite directions? Because one is in the northern hemisphere and one is in the southern hemisphere ? I don't feel so bad though because neither of my sisters knew and none of my friends who I had dinner with on monday night knew. Also, people at my work didn't know and this guy in front of me in line at Safeway didn't know either. My doctor's receptionist knew but, i don't think she knew before the cyclone that just happened.

You know what I like to think ? I like to think that when hurricane katrina happened a whole bunch of people in Australia were saying "Wow I don't even know what a hurricane is, mate?" and someone told them well a hurricane is the exact same thing as a cyclone but, it happens in the northern hemisphere and spins the other way. I hope they reacted the same way I did which is why would you name it something different just because it spins the other way ? That's ridiculous.

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Who are we? said...

Hey, I knew too!!!!!!! Bow before my extreme knowledge!