Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cousins, Cousins, so many Cousins!!!

We had 165 people at our wedding and about 120 were first cousins.. Okay maybe not that many but, pretty darn close! I will say this.. the first cousins definitely represented. From my mom's side we had my Auntie Mae from Ireland with 5 of her children, Aunt Phil from Chicago and 4 of her children and 3 of her grandchildren! From my dad's side his nieces teresa and patrice came and his grand niece sara came too! Add to that mix 6 of my brothers and sisters, their spouses and 11 nieces and nephews and you can see how it's easy for a wedding to get big in my family! Dan's side of the family also represented we had the lovelyTootsie and cousin Bill come out from the east coast and cousin Mira came up from southern california! It was so great to meet them! The day was so special for us because we had so much family around. Thanks to all the crazy cousins (especially cousin michael from ireland who i think hands down wins the craziest cousin award!) for coming out and celebrating. We appreciate the travel everyone did to come celebrate with us! You made our day truly special. We hope to see everyone very soon !!

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