Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bora Bora - Heaven on Earth !

If you ask Dan his favorite part of planning the wedding he will say planning the honeymoon. Now I know why! Dan took me to bora bora for our honeymoon and it was seriously the most beautiful place I've ever been in my whole life. Here is a picture of the hotel bungalows and the beautiful mount otemanu in the background. We arrived into the Bora Bora airport and were met by a boat to be shuttled to our hotel. Any hotel you stay in you must be transported by boat. As we were driving away I said "dan you didn't tell me we were going to heaven for our honeymoon!" That is seriously how I felt. It was so gorgeous! We had the BEST time! We did excursions everyday, napped most days too! and even got an amazing spa treatment one day when we were there.

For people who are as geographically challenged as I am Bora Bora is in Tahiti. If you are like me this still doesn't help you know where it is! I had to go into a conference room at work that had a globe to find it. So it is in the South Pacific! South of Hawaii. It's in the same time zone as hawaii. It was an 8 hour flight from LA.

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